Wirral Theatre Festival

Wed 28 Aug 2024

Hairy B



Approx running time

45 minutes


Blue Lounge

Ticket Price

Standard - £12.00

A play about self-love, self-loathing – and how bloody expensive razors are.

Meet Magenta. She’s a 20-something icon, who lives in her pink filled world. She’s confident, creative, and also incredibly hairy – particularly on her face. Today she’s going out on a date- perhaps he’ll be the love of her life!! OR…perhaps he’ll just stare at her moustache. But hey, at least she’ll get a free dinner out of it and a story to tell her therapist (her dog) about. Its time to pop a pill (birth control), wax ya eyebrows and throw on a primarni special dress, because tonight – this hairy bastard is hitting the town.

This is a semi autobiographical play, based on the writers struggle with Hirsutism and PCOS. with lots of interactive and comedic moments, both sad and heart-warming, this one woman show will leave the audience questioning what it truly means to be ‘normal’.

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Dates & Times

Wed 28 Aug 2024

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