Corporate Event Management

As a leading Theatre and Conference Centre the Floral is fully equipped to deliver any event with flair and panache. We have a dedicated events manager and full support team offering superb value for money and invaluable peace of mind for your all important event.


We offer a range of tailored marketing opportunities to help promote your event including the production and distribution of press releases and images, web presence and banner advertising, advertising in our season brochure and other direct mail opportunities, poster and leaflet positioning throughout the venue and product placement opportunities.


We offer a full on and off line box office service for any event as well as all stage management requirements including lighting and audio technicians.


We offer a varied selection of delectable dining options. From fine dining to finger food we take our lead from you. We make sure that your guests are as entertained and delighted with the food as they are from your fabulous floral event.


As you would expect from a premier theatre, we can work with you to provide the perfect artistic accompaniment to make sure your event delivers at every level. From a full orchestra to a dance company to a comedy duo to a big band, we can help you craft your ambience accordingly.


We offer a full complement of logistical services to make your life easier including:

For Further Information contact:

Joanna Kelly: Conference Events Co-Ordinator
Telephone: 0151 606 2965

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