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Show of Hands
Show of Hands
Tuesday 21st May 2019. 8:00pm
All Tickets £24.00*

Steve Knightley
and Phil Beer, the award-winning acoustic roots duo Show of Hands, are back on theroad again, and they’re bringing a friend! For their 2019 spring tour,Knightley and Beer are joined by long-term friend and collaborator RichardShindell to celebrate their very own transatlantic ‘Special Relationship’. Thisis a rare chance to sit back and enjoy the sounds of three sublime musicalinnovators, each at the top of their game.

Hailing from New Jersey and now a resident of Buenos Aires, Shindell writes flawless, vivid songs that paint pictures and tell stories. Along with a selection of their own material, Steve and Phil will join Richard to add their sparkle on songs such as ‘You Stay Here’, ‘Reunion Hill’ and ‘Next Best Western’. From the Great War to the Civil War, from Bristol to Baltimore, expect a moving Anglo/American exchange of songs of the road, history and the heart.

*Includes a £1.50 per ticket fee. Fees capped at the first 8 tickets. No fees to Friends of the Floral.
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