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Port Sunlight Sea Dogs
Port Sunlight Sea Dogs
Friday 28th October 2016, 7:30pm
Tickets £9.50*

(£1 from every ticket will be donated to Wirral St Johns Hospice Charity)
Running Time: Approx 2 hours plus interval

Maritime history with a rant and a roar! 'ALL ABOARD!' for SHANTIES and SONGS of the SEA on the banks of the RIVER MERSEY. LIVERPOOL's MARITIME HISTORY celebrated in song. PORT SUNLIGHT SEA DOGS continue a great tradition of shanty singing, stories of a sailor's hard life on the high seas, and of heroes and villains, told with a big panful of Scouse humour. Supported by the brilliant GERRY FfRENCH , their shared Mersey roots are steeped in folk and Irish music, The Beatles, Skiffle and even opera. We promise haunting ballads, wonderful harmonies, raucus choruses, and plenty of laughs. 
Port Sunlight Sea Dogs are John Coleman, Mal Lowe, John Thackray, Denis Toohey and Arthur Vaughan, born, bred and well-seasoned, performers from both banks of the Mersey. Gerry Ffrench is a wonderful performer of songs of Liverpool and the River Mersey.

Port Sunlight Sea Dogs sing shanties and songs of the sea at maritime events and historic venues, including this, the famous 'Pivvie', with panoramic views of Fort Perch Rock, the Mersey Bar, the Port of Liverpool, the waterfront and ferries, all celebrated in our songs and stories. Port Sunlight Sea Dogs perform at Shanty and Harbour festivals, at Arts and History events, and are one of the regular attractions at the magnificent Merseyside Maritime Museum. They have performed aboard historic ships and boats, including Liverpool based 'The Danny', 'Kathleen and May', and the 'France -Hayhurst'. They recorded and performed for Liverpool's stirring Everyman theatre 2016 production 'Unsung', about Liverpool abolitionist Edward Rushton. 
Gerry Ffrench is deservedly one of our most popular musicians and singer-songwriters. Gerry's colourful Liverpool and Irish roots have fed her fantastic talent, brilliant song-writing and wonderful performances. With many festival, radio and live performances, Gerry's astonishing talent has wide appeal.

Shanties sung today tell maritime stories with mildly raucous working songs, lusty choruses and wistful ballads of wild oceans and of homes far away. Port Sunlight Sea Dogs keep Maritime history alive with a rant and a roar, rum humour and a barrel of pleasure.

*Includes a £1.50 per ticket fee. Fees capped at the first 8 tickets. No fees to Friends of the Floral.
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