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Into Cliff and The Shadows (2018)
Into Cliff and The Shadows (2018)
Thursday 9th August 2018, 7:30pm
All Tickets £19.50*

Into Cliff and the Shadows recreate the unique sound of The Shadows.

Among their hits were Wonderful Land, Guitar Tango, Frightened City, Dance On, FBI, Atlantis and Man of Mystery, with their first number one hit Apache still recognised as being one of the most iconic instrumental records of all time. Included in the show are many of the early Cliff and The Shadows vocal numbers. 

There are many new numbers in the show including Cavatina, Don't Cry For Me Argentina and well known Cliff number’s written and produced by The Shadows.

Come along and relive and enjoy those wonderful memories from the magical 60s!

*Includes a £1.50 per ticket fee. Fees capped at the first 8 tickets. No fees to Friends of the Floral.
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