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Ball of Fire
Ball of Fire
Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th August 2017, 8:00pm
All Tickets £18.00*

The Blue Park Theatre Company proudly presents a celebration of Alan Ball, charting the great man’s life as a wily boy with ambitions of playing on the world stage.

Stage Play: Written by Kenny O’Connell
Narrated Poetry: Written by Bobby Parry
Song: ‘The Ball of Fire’ Written by: Kenny O’Connell & Bobby Parry

Experience the life and times of the great Alan Ball, beautifully played out through a dramatization that recounts his early struggles on the road to becoming a professional footballer. Ex-Everton legend Ronnie Goodlass poetically narrates the play tracing every step of Alan’s journey; performed by a talented cast that will keep you captivated throughout.

His family have endorsed this play to give Alan’s fans the world over a chance to know the real man within the legend. Intertwined with his private life, this play will touch your heart and soul.

“From a smitten fan who went on to clean Alan’s boots, then becoming a team mate both in life and of course football” - Ronny Goodlass

“A fantastic tribute to my godfather Alan Ball, my father Eddie Cavanagh would be so proud" - Alan Ball Cavanagh

“The best player that I have ever played alongside for club and country, so looking forward to this play” - Joe Royle

*Includes a £1.50 per ticket fee. Fees capped at the first 8 tickets. No fees to Friends of the Floral.
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